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A computer and a word processing program won't make you a bestselling novelist. Layout software and clipart don't make you a professional designer either.

Talent, skills, and experience do.

Use the drop-down menu above right, or links in the list below, to view samples. Keep in mind that a single piece may contain more than one example: for instance, a design project often includes the creation of a logo or copywriting.

  • publications: newspapers, magazines, newsletters, annual reports, books
  • marketing: brochures, posters, flyers, product sheets, catalogs, menus, ads, press kits
  • packaging/products: bottle and box labels, CD/DVD discs and cases, book covers, clothing
  • identity: logos, stationery
    Read Kate's article in Oz magazine on logo design Oz magazine article on logo design
  • environmental: signage, installations
  • copy & content: advertising, press releases, feature articles and columns, proposals, scripts, web pages, proofreading
  • web sites: creative and organizational consulting, content development, simple HTML and CSS coding (custom design and modify templates), image creation (backgrounds, buttons, rollovers, etc.)


I don't do what I do to collect awards. I'd rather my clients (and their clients) — not some committee — praise the work. However, I have earned some recognition: